St. Augustine High School's mission is to "develop the whole person, inspire Gospel values, instill love of learning and uphold academic excellence in a nurturing community".
The heart of Catholic identity is to be a disciple of Jesus.  A disciple of Jesus is expected to "go forth" as Pope Francis to serve and preach the Gospel.  This expectation is instilled in the St. Augustine High School mission statement and philosophy and is expressed in the spiritual, intellectual, person, social, and physical aspects of our students in the following ways:
  • Spiritually: celebration of Mass; Theology curriculum that is aligned with the United States Conference of Bishops in grades 9 through 10; sacramental preparation
  • Intellectually: College preparatory curriculum for all students so that they are successful in Catholic and non-Catholic colleges, alike
  • Personal: Guidance curriculum; opportunities to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Social: Student led clubs and organizations that integrate service; student run Spiritual Retreats
  • Physical: Established athletics program that promote sportsmanship and Catholic values
Our vision is that St. Augustine School students will develop the spiritual, academic, social and physical skills essential for success in a 21st century, global society.
St. Augustine High School creates a strong spiritually centered community, living the Catholic/Christian virtues expressed through worship and service.  It values the collaboration of all members of the community: Bishop, parents, alumni, students, administration, faculty and staff.  By modeling respect for all, especially in a diverse student population the school invites all members of the community to actively participate in a faith-filled campus life.
St. Augustine High School creates a dynamic academic environment where the love of learning and the pursuit of creative ideas are regularly pursued.  Committed and qualified faculty will emphasize high academic achievement while exploring the quest for wisdom.
St. Augustine High School commits itself to provide a financially stable school where students are nurtured, respected, and encouraged to become service oriented members of the local community.  St. Augustine school creates a positive atmosphere that heartens the human spirit, values the whole person and supports family value.