Our Campus

The St. Augustine High School building is rich in history and tradition, originally serving as home to Ursuline Academy, the Ursuline Sisters, their students, generations of families from Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, and boarders from Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley from 1938-1976.  While the building was purchased for St. Augustine High School in 1976, it remains a special, nostalgic place as Laredo's only Catholic high school.  The original three story brick school building is representative of another era yet remains most attractive as one approaches from Galveston street, up the sidewalk, along the manicured lawn with giant oak trees.  Upon entering the original wooden doors, one enters the school foyer, which leads to the heart of the school: the chapel.  One is taken back in time at the chapel with its hand-carved pews, its immaculate wood floor, and its beautiful altar.  On west side of the chapel is a courtyard adorned with giant bougainvilleas and bordered with concrete benches that has been preserved to provide a gathering place for students before classes, at lunchtime and after school.  It is also used for school wide prayer services, as it accommodates the entire student body.  This courtyard is adjacent to the Alumni Center, which was the former school cafeteria, and now serves as a meeting room with multimedia capacity.  Newer buildings on the school campus include the Wellness Center, with a prominent statue of the school's Patron Saint, which houses a double-gym as well as a Technology Center, with math classrooms and PowerSchool offices.  A new school cafeteria was built in 2004 which can accommodate 400 and serves to provide lunch for students in Grades K3 to 12th daily from 10:45 am to 1:30 pm.  This cafeteria also provides the needed space for large meetings such as of FSO, Boy Scouts, and ACTS.  The cafeteria area includes a large field with an amphitheater, picnic seating, and a grotto.  There is another picnic area by the Art Room.  A huge oak tree and ground cover adorns the Counseling Center as does another statue of St. Augustine.  Classrooms fill the second and third floors, with some being retrofitted recently such as the Science Wing and Student Leadership Hall.  Smaller classrooms, over time, have been converted into offices such as the rooms occupied on the second floor by the Advancement department.  The Counseling Center was once the Convent that includes large meetings areas, the Study Cafe, the Spirituality Center, administrative offices and two classrooms.  The library has been recently transformed into a true multimedia center with a computer lab.  The school facility is a combination of historic buildings and newer modern ones conducive to learning with an outdoor space for socialization as well as prayer.  Throughout the grounds, there are simple reminders of the school's mission and faith- from the banners to statues to signs- all indicative of the school's Catholicity, spirit, and unity as St. Aug KNIGHTS.