School Advisory Board

The St. Augustine High School's Advisory Board plays a significant role in the success of the school.  Comprised of parents, community members and alumni, the advisory board works closely with the school principal to review and approve school policies, finance issues, construction/building projects and advancement initiatives to ensure the efficient operation of the school.  The Advisory Board currently meets on a monthly basis and all members are expected to serve on one or more committees in an effort to help advance the religious and educational mission of the school.  The board committees include Advancement, Alumni, Buildings, Finance, FSO, Membership, and Student Life.
The board members are as follows:
  • Javier Peña '92, President
  • Annabella Herbig, Vice-President
  • Patricia Guajardo Ryan '80, Finance Chair
  • Nissa Cerna '90, Alumni Rep
  • Mario Aguero, Member
  • Paty Carranza, Member
  • Eduardo "Wayo" Chapa '08, Member
  • Judy "Tata" Martinez '82, Member
  • Gustavo Peña, Member
  • Shelby Vasquez '08, Member
Ex-Officio Members:
  • Most Reverend James A. Tamayo, First Bishop of the Diocese of Laredo
  • Dr. Guadalupe Perez, Superintendent of Catholic Schools
  • Dr. Olga Gentry '82, High School Principal
  • Rodrigo Romo '87, Elementary/Middle School Principal