School Advisory Board

The Board is called into existence and is constituted by the Bishop of Laredo to fulfill the purposes and powers set forth by its Constitution and By-Laws. The Board is established to assist and the Principals of the school in the governance of the diocesan school. The purpose of the Board is to formulate policy consistent with diocesan, state and Texas Catholic Conference Education Department guidelines and directives for St. Augustine Schools, so that the largest possible number of students may be effectively educated in a Christian environment and encouraged to make a deep personal commitment to God. When the Board meets with the Bishop or the Superintendent as his representative, Principals and members and agrees on a policy matter, the decision is effective and binding on all. The Board is consultative in the following sense: the members cannot act apart from the Bishop and Principals and cannot make decisions binding on the school without the approval of the Bishop, or his delegate, and Principals.

Consultation (cf. Canons 495-501) also means that decisions will not be made in major matters until and unless the Board has been consulted. The areas which the Board has responsibility and will be consulted are: Planning, Policy Development, Finances, Public Relations, Maintenance and Expansion of school facilities, Selection of Principal, Evaluation, Development, Student Life, and Membership.

The Board does not have the authority to hire or fire; our decision making is non-binding; does not set curriculum; does not approve instructional material; does not hear grievances and does not have discipline authority

The membership of the Board consist of eleven (11) lay members, six (6) of which will be elected by the families of duly registered children attending St. Augustine Elementary, Middle or High School and three (3) will be appointed by the Principals for terms of three (3) years. The other two (2) members will be the FSO President and Alumni President. Ex-officio but non-voting members are the Bishop, the Superintendent and the Principals.


  • Francine Rodriquez, President
  • Fransico "Paco" Barrientos, Vice-President
  • Javier Pena, FSO
  • Pati Guajardo, Finance Chair 
  • Nissa Cerna, Alumni Rep
  • Michael Gonzalez, Member
  • Mike Kazen, Member
  • Francine Rodriquez, Member
  • Juan Carlos Sanchez, Member
  • Anabella Herbig, Member
  • Mario Aguero, Member

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Most Reverend James A. Tamayo, Bishop of the Diocese of Laredo
  • Romeo Rodriguez, Superintendent of Catholic Schools
  • Olga P. Gentry, High Schol Principal
  • Barbra Zurita, Elementary & Middle School Principal