Students safety is a top priority at St. Augustine High School. As such, we have implemented the following measures over the past 18 months, in order to better secure our campus - 
  • An electronic, metal door was installed this Fall at the main entrance to the School on Galveston Street. Any visitor must ring the bell, and will be “buzzed in” after review of video camera footage by front desk clerk. The visitor should be prepared to show identification.
  • Visitors to the school remain in the front lobby and must be escorted if meeting with a faculty member on campus.
  • All gates to the campus are locked at 8 am, with the front (locked) entrance being the only way to access the school.
  • Safety drills are conducted monthly for fire, per semester for lock-down and annually we conduct evacuation, shelter-in-place and secure drills.
  • A full-time security guard was added in Fall of 2022 and deputy from the Webb County Sheriff’s Departments.
  • The school has a new golf cart that enables security or admin to quickly access the whole campus in case of any emergency as well as to patrol the perimeter of the campus throughout the day.
Lastly, the continued support of Sheriff Cueller and his team at Webb County help ensure student safety at drop-off and pick-up time everyday.
Thank you,
Dr. Gentry