St. Augustine High School is a co-educational Catholic High School serving Grades 9-12 promoting the highest academic standards and a solid foundation of Catholic values and traditions. It is fully accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department as approved by the Texas Education Agency.

St. Augustine High School became part of the Diocese of Corpus Chrisit in 1987. Then in July 2000 with the formation of the Diocese of Laredo, St. Augustine School became part of the Diocese of Laredo/ The School’s mission challenges each student to achieve academic excellence, to embrace Catholic values and traditions and to make a difference in the world. In the 80+ years of service to Laredo and neighboring communities, it has instilled this concept if excellence in over 4000 graduates. The school takes pride in the fact that 100% of the senior class is accepted into colleges and universities throughout the country, often their college/university of “choice” and is awarded millions in scholarships based on merit.

St. Augustine High School remains to date the only Private Catholic High School in Laredo, TX and in the Diocese of Laredo. Today, St. Augustine High School is staffed and administered by both lay and religious faculty, and it continues to base its education on a tradition of academic excellence and Catholic principles - a tradition founded in the history of St. Augustine School, St. Joseph’s Academy and Ursuline Academy; a tradition of educating and forming the whole person, mind, body, and spirit.



St. Augustine Catholic School, K-3 through 12th, is accredited by the TExas Catholic Conference Education Department, as per the standards of the Texas Education Agency. The school was re-accredited in the 2007-2008 school year. Areas evaluated upon re-accreditation by a statewide committee include:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Mission
  • Curriculum
  • Personnel
  • Student Services
  • Physical Plant

Core Values

  • To nurture Gospel values, Catholic beliefs, sacramental life, and religious practice.
  • To teach the whole person; spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and psychological aspects and provide opportunities for growth.
  • To instill traditional values such as respect, politeness, loyalty, trust, and dignity.
  • To promote the love of learning and the highest academic standards based on the appropriate ability level of students.
  • To witness a spirit of community within and outside the school by encouraging respect, service to others, and a cooperative spirit.
  • To accept, encourage, and embrace the diversity; religions, economics, cultural, linguistic, social, academic among us.
  • To employ competent, professionally prepared, and enthusiastic faculty.
  • To provide for the financial accountability and stability of the school.