St. Augustine Giving Campaign


St. Augustine was founded in 1927 with the original campus located in the historic downtown Laredo. The school was moved to its present location at 1300 Galveston St. in 1976. In the past 38 years the school has thrived with:

  •    A k-12 concept, serving grades k3 - 12th
  •    Increased enrollment with a capacity of 1000
  •    Addition of facilities to ensure quality learning: Wellness Center, Early Childhood center, Middle School Building, Cafeteria, Weight Room, Dance Room, New Library, Alumni Center, Student Cafe.
  •    Expansion of Curriculum, extra-curricular, athletics, and service opportunities.


Your Gift to the St. Augustine fund will improve the following areas:

  •    School's Greatest Need
  •    Scholarships
  •    Curriculum
  •    Technology
  •    Athletics/Clubs
  •    Facilities
  •    Campus Ministry


St. Augustine values every gift whether large or small. High rates of participation represents the commitment of the St. Augustine community: and the work the school does with children. We celebrate these achievements and welcome the generous participation of our parents and families. We rely on the generosity of our families and friends to help us continue to grow. Thanks for your consideration of Laredo’s only K3-12th college prep school!



We are grateful for any donations from all willing parties. As a private Catholic School, we do not receive state funding and rely on the kindness of people's hearts to assist our needs. Thank you.

Donate Online

Your monetary donation will be transfered to the School Bank Account.
Thank you for your generosity.

Or send check or money to: 

St. Augustine High School
1300 Galveston
Laredo, TX 78040