Application for Admissions
All prospective students must meet the following criteria for acceptance:
  • Official transcripts from previous school districts are required for all new students
  • An academic level commensurate with grade level placement they are seeking at St. Augustine
  • Good discipline record from previous school attended
  • Student and family in good standing at previous school (letter of recommendation maybe requested)  
Freshman Admissions
St. Augustine automatically accepts students from our own St. Augustine Middle School and from local diocesan and private schools including Blessed Sacrament, May Help of Christians, and United Day.  While admission is automatic, all students must take a Math placement test in order to determine their freshmen math course, Algebra I or Geometry.  Students seeking admission from public schools or Nuevo Laredo are given an entrance exam to determine both English Language Arts and/or English language proficiency and math placement. 
Senior Admissions
Students are not accepted for Grade 12, unless moving to Laredo, Texas from out-of-town, or in a special circumstances to be determined by the principal.