Mission Statement

St. Augustine School develops the whole person, promotes Gospel values, inspires a love of learning, and upholds academic excellence in a nurturing community


St. Augustine School creates a strong spiritually centered community, living the Catholic/Christian virtues expressed through worship and service. It values the collaboration of all members of the community: Bishop, parents, alumni, students, administration, faculty, and staff. By modeling respect for all, especially in a diverse student population, the school invites all members of the community to actively participate in a faith-filled campus life.

St. Augustine School creates a dynamic academic environment where the love of learning and the pursuit of creative ideas are regularly perused. Committed and qualified faculty will emphasize high academic achievement while exploring the quest for wisdom.

St. Augustine school commits itself to provide a financially stable school where students are nurtured, respected, and encouraged to become service oriented members of the local community. St. Augustine school creates a positive atmosphere that heartens the human spirit, values the whole person and supports family value

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May 17-23, 2015


This week’s Sunday readings follow the same theme of the last few weeks – love. “…live…with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another through love.” Ephesians 4: 1-2


 Besides the great celebration of the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven on Sunday, Pope Francis canonized four new saints for both the Greek and Roman Catholic Church.  These women religious are Sisters Marie Alphonsine and Mary of Jesus Crucified from the territory that made up historical Palestine, Jeanne Emilie de Villeneuve of France and Maria Cristina of the Immaculate Conception of Italy.


In his homily Pope Francis said, “A relationship with the risen Jesus is the ‘atmosphere’ in which Christians live, and in which they find the strength to remain faithful to the Gospel, even amid obstacles and misunderstandings.  Ardent love for Christ allows his disciples to give themselves to others.”

Vatican Radio May 17, 2015


In bidding farewell to his followers as Jesus returns to his Father, he comforts them with the news that he is sending the Holy Spirit to abide with them.  Let us spend this week in preparation for Pentecost next Sunday.  The Spirit is “a movin’” and we need to be in step and on God’s path with one another.


Sister Rosemarie Goins

Spiritual Guide